• IGBT Based Rectifier
  • True Online Double Conversion with DSP Control Technology for High Performance and Reliability
  • New Graphical LCD Display Provides UPS Data, Alarms and helps in faults diagnostic and trouble shooting.
  • Double conversion efficiency >92%.
  • ECO mode efficiency > 97%.
  • Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99.
  • 0.8 and 0.9 Output Power Factor
  • Wide Input Voltage window (160 Vac- 300 Vac/305 Vac – 478Vac) for Indian Environmental Condition and for Optimized Battery Performance.
  • Configurable Output Voltage (208/220/230/240Vac) as per load requirement.
  • Generator Compatible with Wide Input voltage range
  • Frequency Range (46 Hz-54 Hz)
  • 3 Stage Extendable Charging Design for optimized Battery Performance
  • High Capacity Battery charger of 3 kW and 5 kW
  • Adjustable Battery Charging Current Amps according to Battery Capacity Rating.
  • 50/60 Hz Automatic Frequency Converter Mode.
  • Intelligent Monitoring with Standard RS232/USB Port plus Slot Available for RS485/Dry Contact/SNMP Card.
  • Easy Site installation and configuration.

Advance Early Warning of UPS System Status

Multiple audible and visual alarms immediately alert you to critical issues.

Overload Capability

Designed to handle output overload conditions.

Periodic Battery Testing

Provides automatic and manual self-diagnostic battery testing for peace of mind to indicate if the battery is healthy.

Power-Factor Correction

Prevents noise, harmonics and distortion from being passed on to connected loads or from being fed back to the utility.

Internal Automatic Bypass Capability

Assures continuity of power to critical loads at all times.

Intelligent Battery Management

Includes efficient Eight-stage charging technique and comprehensive discharging protection that extends battery life.

Input Circuit Breaker

Provides increased protection to ease recovery from overloads.


High Output Power Factor

Liebert GXT MT+ CX UPS rated output power factor up to 0.9 better matches Switch-mode power supplies used in today’s IT equipment, providing More efficient utilization of the UPS.

Selectable ECO-Mode

Connected equipment can be powered through the bypass while the Inverter remains idle, reducing electricity consumption.

Wide Input Voltage Window

Prolongs battery life by allowing the UPS to maximize the use of utility Power before transferring to battery when input voltage exceeds Specified limits.

Intelligent Fan Operation

Automatically changes rotation speed depending on system requirements to decrease power consumption and noise.

Warranty Protection

The industry’s best warranty – No-hassle one-year warranty with advanced UPS replacement in the event of problems. Shipping is free for both original UPS return and the replacement unit. Optional one-year and two-year Extensions also available.