Consider It Solved.

Customers call on Emerson when the stakes are the highest. Why? Because they know that we bring them technology and engineering to create solutions for their success. Whatever their challenge, they know that with Emerson by their side, they can “Consider It Solved."


Supported by our right combination of knowledge, experience, product selection and service capability. We are the true solution provider of our customer's IT infrastructure, right from grid to chip level.

When the stakes are high, partner with Emerson Network Power to optimize your technology with "high-nines" reliability solutions specific to your infrastructure.


Liebert GXT MT+ Series, 06 kVA -20 kVA

Intelligent, Reliable UPS Protection

The proven reliability of true On-Line Operation with the features you need most.


Communication and Option

Liebert™ GXT-MT+ Series 06 kVA-20 kVA

Compact, Efficient and Reliable Back UP Power Solution